A Postcode Finder which works!

Here’s a good find: an easy-to-use version of the the Royal Mail Postcode Finder, the normal version being one of those websites which has long been criticised as an overelaborate nightmare (takes ages to load, requires pointless logging-on, etc etc). The nice version is on the Royal Mail Access Website Continue Reading

Cheapest directory enquiries calls

Yet another example at the moment of the “all competition is good” mantra which our sadly-deluded successive governments have fallen for. This weekend the telephone directory enquiries service gets opened up to commercial alternatives. They’ve made the new numbers as unmemorable as possible (118 xxx, what’s that all about?) so Continue Reading

Boot out the Bus

Whilst the CAST.IRON people are planning to provide an alternative to the daft guided bus system north of Cambridge, plenty of people are campaigning hard to ensure everyone knows how ridiculous the bus plans are. The Hunts Post newspaper seems to be at the forefront with its Boot out the Continue Reading