Internet Vulnerability Profiling

Without your knowledge or explicit permission, the Windows networking technology which connects your computer to the Internet may be offering some or all of your computer’s data to the entire world at this very moment! Shields Up! is a great site which quickly checks the security of your computer’s connection Continue Reading

Fat Man on a Bicycle

And as the sound of the overture to Wagner’s Tannhauser fades into the background, I’m indebted to Mudd Radio for its archive of four episodes of the long-lost “Saturday Night Fry” radio series, available as MP3 downloads. Let’s hope BBC Radio Seven gets around to broadcasting the whole of Stephen Continue Reading

Too promising to be true?

QI is a new TV series starting next week on BBC Two: “With Stephen Fry as host, guests including Alan Davies, Rich Hall and Jimmy Carr are quizzed on bizarre facts and unusual information, and points are awarded for interesting answers rather than correct ones.” It sounds too good to Continue Reading