Let them sing it for you

And this is utter genius. Type in some words and they get sung back at you (as long as they’re fairly common words, that is) in the form of samples from songs. Wow.

Missing iDVD in Panther? No, actually

So my new iMac didn’t come with the Panther OS (see below) and I had to wait for a copy, but it eventually came and I did a nice clean install. All the groovy Apple iLife apps appeared …except iDVD. How odd. A trawl of the newsgroups unearthed a lot of people asking the same question. But they also showed how to get it from the original system software DVD which comes with the iMac. It’s on the DVD in a hidden folder called .images, which you access by using Go->Go to Folder and entering /Volumes/iMac Software/.images …revealing an icon called iDVD1.dmg, which is a disk image. Double click it, DiskCopy will mount it, and just drag the (huge) iDVD application to your Applications folder.