Enter the googleDork

Big respect to “professional hacker” called “Johnny” who’s put a great page up showing how Google alone can find examples of “inept or foolish” people on the web. Files containing “juicy info”. Files containing usernames! Files containing passwords!!! It’s all here. Amazing. Or perhaps not so amazing, I guess.

Ooooh I’ve joined a health club

Need a good laugh? Ask the receptionist at our new local health club to alert you when I finally give the gym a try, then pull up a chair and giggle uncontrollably for the whole five minutes I manage to keep up the exercise.

Fahrenheit 9/11: scary

Went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 last night, and well worth the effort. Film critics don’t like it because they think its lack of objectivity damages the documentary genre, and because the publicity it’s generating overshadows more worthy films, but this stuff needs to get to the widest possible audience, and Continue Reading

Throwing out the CDs? Maybe

I read an article today about how quickly hard-disk-based music had changed the author’s outlook on his music collection, and I realised I was in complete agreement. Six months ago I’d have been of the school which said “downloadable music has its place, but unless it has a massive cost Continue Reading