Crappy Chicken

My former flatmate and I, many years ago, loved spotting risible uses of “n” as a substitute for “and”, especially in shop signs. So much so that we started taking photos of them (“Duckin’n’divin” was a favourite). If we’d had the internet in those days, we’d have put our photo Continue Reading

One Thousand Reasons

Let’s face it, not many of us have much of an interest in politics outside our own country, but it’s astonishing how the forthcoming US election has galvanised the world’s attention. I doubt if any US president in history has made his country so disliked by the rest of the Continue Reading

HR-V: top marks from me

Got a new car today. But the picture above is the old one, for posterity. Alex was heartbroken. Three-year-olds don’t realise that people change cars. And they hate change. He’s never known another one. I took a tip from a colleague and hid “a present from the new car” in Continue Reading