The map of Jesusland and the United States of Canada which has been doing the rounds is absolute genius. I can’t even track down who did the original to give them credit. It just says so much, in such a simple graphic.

Steve Satan is back

The great Steve Satan
is making one of his sporadic appearances on the airwaves during November
2004 on 87.7 Commonwealth
…bringing the world to Bristol, it says here. Presumably through
the medium of Super Sounds. Listen in on Thursday nights from 10PM online.

Top Three Least Favourite Footballers

Just a random thought which went through my head which should be committed
to print: my Top Three Least Favourite Footballers. No surprises really. At
number three, the disgraceful Dennis Wise: even my three-year-old, at
his first football match the other week, said: “Daddy, will the policeman
come round and catch the yellow one-nine who keeps shouting and
At number two, the most arrogant, whining, spoilt piece of
work in English football, Ryan Giggs: that permanent look of “it’s
just not fair” on his face reminds you of people like George Bush, who
clearly haven’t had anyone say anything to them other than “yes you’re right
Sir” for years. (And when will someone – anyone – in the media point out
what everyone who watches football can see so clearly, that Giggs may have
sublime dribbling skill, but he’s the worst finisher in the
Finally, and inevitably, at number one, the execrable
Robbie Savage, who just delights in being hated so much. Who can ever
forget seeing mild-mannered Ipswich manager George Burley on TV screaming
“**** off” in Savage’s face a few seasons back after he’d blatantly got the
opposition keeper sent off? In the Leicester programme the season before
there was an “at home with Robbie Savage” photo-feature which you just
couldn’t make up: “Here’s Robbie out walking his [disgusting-looking]
fighting dogs”, “Here’s Robbie with his sports car – he’s had the exhausts
modified to make them louder, hope the neighbours don’t mind, heh-heh!” and
“Here’s Robbie relaxing with his ‘artist’ girlfriend on their unusual
zebra-print furniture”. He doesn’t ask for it, really, he doesn’t. Then
comes September 8th, 2004: Savage is finally sent off. A nation rejoices.
And what made it even funnier was that it was such a borderline decision.
There is someone up there having a laugh after all.

Time to go, Tony

Naturally, like any European I don’t give a stuff about whether Americans want to ban gay marriages, make various tax cuts, etc …it’s entirely their affair, and doesn’t affect me. Good luck to them, whatever. The reason I’m depressed about their election result is that as far as I can see, this damned illegal occupation of Iraq (which we in the UK should never have been involved in) is going to continue, and the only way we can get out of it now is to get rid of Tony Blair. And that’s what I find depressing. After all the hope and excitement of 1997, I’m sitting here wanting to get rid of a Labour Prime Minister. It’s very, very sad.