Mo Mowlam

This is getting depressing. Look, if someone has to go, why can’t it be one of the bad guys?

Ipswich Town 1 Cardiff City 0

A very satisfying start to the season, given the way that most teams (especially Ipswich) often look so disjointed at this stage. Cardiff will punch above their weight this season, with a decent manager and a lot of experienced players, and we can probably count ourselves fortunate to have got them right at the beginning while they’re still getting sorted. They were a solid opposition, and it was a good win. Full Ipswich v Cardiff report…

One more ticked off on life’s checklist

What is it about supporting a football team which suspends all rationality and common sense? The company I work for, with my encouragement and the support of fellow directors, is “sponsoring the kit” of Ipswich Town’s reserve goalie this season. Why? Because it’s a great bit of publicity? Hardly. It just gives us an absurd thrill to see something of ours in the team’s match programme each week. I’ve always looked at that page and thought: “who are these people who spend all that money?” But I’ve also always secretly harboured a desire for it to be me one day. Now it is.

The Girl Who Couldn’t Do Any Wrong

Yep, it was another cracking Cambridge Folk Festival. There can’t be a better music festival in the UK, can there? Everyone seems to have such a good time, there’s no trouble, and the atmosphere simply couldn’t be any more relaxed. So, what were the highlights? Kate Rusby was as adorable as ever, and launched her new album The Girl Who Couldn’t Fly a month ahead of it being in the shops. Needless to say, plenty of us (several hundred, in fact) were besotted enough to queue up for over an hour to get their CDs signed:

Also memorable from the weekend, for me anyway, were KT Tunstall, who justifies the hype, and Idlewild, who played a low-key, small-stage “acoustic” set, very different from their performance supporting REM which I caught a couple of weeks back. The Peatbog Faeries were fantastic too. I didn’t like everyone (Jimmy Webb was hard work, and Martha Wainwright didn’t live up to the reviews), but that’s what festivals are all about. My only criticism this year was the number of bands only performing once over the weekend who were scheduled against each other (Proclaimers vs Peatbog Faeries, Christy Moore vs Idlewild, etc). Better planning next time please.

Less than 24 hours after the event, and the fences are already down, the concession stands have gone, and as I look out of my bedroom window, our park is well on the way to being back to normal. Roll on next year!