HD = Highly Desirable

Lots of things to catch up on from the several weeks when I wasn’t posting in May, June and July. One of the things I would have blogged about on a daily basis would have been assembling a new AV system for the living room. So much research to do! Continue Reading

A New Web Site Host

Next job was to choose someone new to host my web site. As previously noted, I’d kindly been allowed some spare space on the server of some business associates for many years, but I couldn’t bank on their hospitality forever, and they weren’t able to host WordPress. So it was Continue Reading

Why WordPress?

So, why did I go for WordPress as my blogging software? Remember: application first, platform second. Zeldman.com puts it well: easy writing facilities, easy design facilities, standards compliant, and as the leading open-source application, you know that there’s plenty more development left in the tank. I’m not fussed that it’s Continue Reading

The Blog is Back!

You’ll notice there’s a 10-week gap between this entry and the previous one. You may think the reason is probably because I couldn’t be a**ed to write anything while the sun was out. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I haven’t been able to publish anything, because Continue Reading