Blimey. A Letter Bomber.


Hey, it’s not as if Cherry Hinton isn’t in the news all the time. Already in 2007 we’ve popped up loads of times on Google News:
Police act on residents’ crime concerns (16 Feb 2007)
Liability claims trip up council’s budget (12 Feb 2007)
and the fantastic
OAP, 84 found ill on street (5 Feb 2007)
…and these are just from this month. OK, I’ll admit the headline count did increase a bit once Google News had decided the Cambridge Evening News was a reliable news source (shurely shome mishtake? – Ed). But today it’s all gone off!

Yes, we have a national news story on our hands. Blimey. They arrested one of our esteemed local residents on suspicion of him having sent letter bombs round the country in Jiffy bags. I spent all morning hanging around the High Street hoping to be voxpopped by Sky News or someone, but not a reporter in sight. Why not? What’s wrong with us? We had the Trojan Wars here, you know. Anyway, a hundred and sixty something links from Google News for “Cherry Hinton” this morning means we’re on the map now. So there. I wonder what the Cambridge Evening News will make of it? Letter Bombers? Where’s It All Going To End? That’s What We Want To Know!

One of those seminal father-son things I guess


Yes, it snowed. I’m sure it used to snow every year when I was little. Or maybe I just imagined it. Anyway, it doesn’t snow every year now. So when it does, sod the work, it’s wellies on, and out the front for some real father-son bonding. Neighbour David lent us a magnificent German snow-shovel, and we cleared the cul-de-sac of snow making the most solid, overengineered snowman since snowmen were first overengineered. Our target: for our creation to be bigger than Alex. Mission accomplished! Yep, it took three hours, and Alex was so cold by the end of it he couldn’t feel his hands, but of course it was worth it. Even if he’d started to droop by teatime and his head fell off overnight. The snowman that is, not Alex.

That made a big difference!


Wow. After nearly two weeks of relatively little activity while the stonemasons converted those painstakingly cut-out plastic templates into the real granite thing, it all happened today. About two billion tonnes of black shiny worktop was lugged into the kitchen, and beautifully fitted in. Suddenly the kitchen looks so much more like the finished article! Still to do: the gas hob needs to be connected, the upstands around the worktop need to be made, and the floor needs to go down. Give us another week or so and we may well be there. Then the invitations go out to the kitchenwarming party!

I’ll roll all the credits to the relevant parties (builders, kitchen fitters, stonemasons etc) here once it’s all done and the final photos have been posted.

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