It’s not in Google yet.


Interesting example today of the way people use the web. Last week I set up a web site for my mother-in-law’s shop. It’s just a page, it’s quite accessible, although – naturally – it’s not in Google yet. However, my mother-in-law has been insistent she can’t see it, although she says her sister can! She asked a couple of customers to have a look (and she swears she gave them the right URL) and they said they couldn’t get it either.

Any clues as to why this might have been? It’s been long enough for the URL to disseminate around the web.

Here’s the answer, which I’ve only just discovered. Four people, with different backgrounds, and on different machines …and three of them were just typing the URL into Google, just as they presumably always do with directly-typed URLs.

I’ll add that to my “fascinating ways in which normal people use the internet” file, which already contains the time when I watched my fairly web-savvy teenage niece type a few letters of a search term into the Google toolbar search box, wait for the drop-down box of suggested search terms to appear, and when her full search term didn’t appear in that drop down, announce “it’s not on Google”.

PS: Oddly, it’s appeared in Google this morning!

The Beard will be no more.


This is Laurence Marchini. I’ve known him for many years. He’s always had a beard. In fact, I suspect his Mum would confirm he was born with it. And on Saturday it’s coming off, for charidee. I am completely gobsmacked. Anyway, in case there’s any danger of him wimping out, you can encourage him to do it here. Now we just have to get Andy Pye to follow suit.

Postscript: You can see the edited Laurence on the Electronicstalk home page.

Bryant Victoria Kitchen Extension – Roll the Credits


Well… it’s just about over. The floor’s down, the fitters have signed off, and Mrs R is happy with the paintwork. Apart from the splashback behind the cooker, which is being hand-carved by elves as I write, whisper it quietly but I think we’re finished. Here are some photos! (If you’ve just arrived on this site at this page, you might like to start at the first of the 7 posts in this series, which includes a link to the floorplan)

View from kitchen door

The “Cooking Side”

View looking back at the kitchen door and utility room

Induction hob, Gas “wok hob”, Oven and Combi Oven


Sandwich Prep Area! …and view to garden

The “Disco Cupboard” (illuminated carousel)

View into dining room and former garage. Both are filled with the spoils of a sixth birthday party and really aren’t that untidy as a rule!

Credits in chronological order:
Architect: Neil at CC Associates
Building Work: John Fox-Teece and sons: 01223 840640
Kitchen Design: Graham at Nimbus UK
(Units by Crown Imperial, Haefele and Blanco, Appliances by Siemens)
Lighting Design: Dominic Myott
Electrical work: Rob and Tony at RP Electrical: 01223 710439
Kitchen Fitting: Allan at Nimbus UK
Worktops: Ivett & Reed
Flooring: Amtico supplied and fitted by Dentons Carpets
Blinds: Cambridge Blind Spot
Tea: PG Tips
All thoroughly good chaps and thoroughly recommended. Ask me for a testimonial any time.

Kitchen Extension series:
Part 1: the Extension begins
Part 2: steady progress on the extension
Part 3: we hit the roof
Part 4: the shell inside!
Part 5: progress inside
Part 6: the kitchen is fitted
Part 7: roll the credits