Cambridge Folk Festival 2007


I dunno why, but the morning after, back into normal work routine, it always seems like the festival was a lifetime ago. Yet one glance out of the window shows people still packing up their tents. Hope the park isn’t in an irreparable mess. Last time it rained a lot, the grass took 9 months to get back into its usual immaculate condition. But the weather this time wasn’t nearly as bad as then – it seems we had an incredible escape, with just a few showers.
Overall, I think I’d give this year’s event a fairly low mark, maybe 4 or 5 out of 10. Read More

Cambridge Folk Festival – Thursday night


The heavens opened in the afternoon, so – unfortunately – whatever happens now, this year’s Cambridge Folk Festival is going to require wellies. Oh well. Arrived just as Seasick Steve was getting under way, to widespread enjoyment; I couldn’t tell a great blues player from a merely good one, but I really enjoyed his set like everyone around me. Good start. Kris Drever followed, but was a little low-key and downbeat for such a short evening’s music – he’s got other appearances to come, which I suspect will show him off better. And finally the showstopping Alabama 3 “Unplugged”, who were one of those acts you get scattered throughout every festival that have that elusive quality of presence. Great fun, and they obviously had a lot of fans there, judging by the well-supported singalongs. A fine start to the weekend!

Oliver Fisher lights up Loch Lomond for me


Great fun at the Scottish Open for a couple of days, where we decided to follow fellow Essex boy Oliver Fisher, just 18 years old. What a great tournament to do so: Oliver finished a very creditable joint 19th, worth nearly twenty-five grand, his biggest ever payday, and a great result so early in his first full season as a pro on the European Tour. He really looks to have the temperament to make a top class player, putting in some incredibly consistent rounds and showing no signs of visible distraction as he bangs it down the centre of fairway after fairway. Nice to meet his Mum, sister and coach too (his Dad caddies for him). This is one player to look out for over the next few years; remember where you read it first.

Talking of which, if you’re the sort of person who can persuade Ladbroke’s to give you odds on someone winning an event in ten years’ time, you could do a lot worse than ask them about Oscar Sharpe, who I’m told is a proverbial child prodigy. I may be referring back to this post about 2015…

Spinal Tap at Live Earth: all the links


Well, I managed to muck up my Sky+ recording of the Tap at Live Earth because I didn’t notice the Beeb cunningly change the channel they were broadcasting the event on halfway through. But hey, the web comes to the rescue, so here’s an MTV interview with the band before their performance (which is made so much better by the fact that it segues straight into Geri Halliwell and other poptastic stars all being really serious about global warming); then on YouTube (“Hello Wimbledon!”), performances of Stonehenge and new song Hotter than Hell, and separately, Big Bottom …with every bass player at the event joining them on stage. I wondered how they were going to turn it up to eleven this time. Finally a not very good and rather chaotic interview with Edith Bowman.
Better Quality Links: at the official site, the songs are shown in better quality, although you get a 30 second advert first:
Warmer than Hell
Big Bottom