Got there at last. The new Wemberlee, that is. After seeing the last club game at the old stadium, my favourite neighbour got me a ticket for, er, the second England game at the new one. And it really is a good venue. What’s more, the criticism I have heard Continue Reading

Half Man Half Biscuit lyrics

A project for less pressured times, methinks, but there really is a dearth of well-transcribed HMHB lyrics online. Anyway, I saw this transcription of Breaking News today, and helped finish it off for the author. Lots of references explained at the brilliant HMHB website of course, but I wonder how Continue Reading

Mitre Championship Video

This is great fun, a new promo from Mitre for their championship footballs, featuring loads of Championship players spoofing other footy virals and taking the piss out of themselves. It might as well have been called “Play Me On Constant Rotation On Soccer AM”. Starts off with the mighty Danny Continue Reading