Stephen Bywater says the c-word: video

To say that I’m underwhelmed by my team, Ipswich, signing Stephen Bywater for the rest of the season is an understatement. As I wrote in a letter to Ipswich CEO Derek Bowden yesterday: I did not ever believe we would consider taking on a player who – at our own ground – had gestured to one of our players to come off and fight him in the tunnel (and who I understand was rightly questioned by police for this). A player who is a bit of an internet star for interrupting an on-pitch TV interview with moronic shouting into the microphone. And above all, a player who is now notorious for thinking it is acceptable to spell out the c-word in a TV interview. All this in the last year alone. These players exist. We have to live with it. But I don’t want them at my club, where I’m trying to teach my young son to look on our team as heroes.

Various types of supporters won’t object to this guy: those who believe all sins are forgiven once a player puts on their own club’s strip; those who don’t care how a player behaves as long as he’s a good footballer; and those who actually approve of loutish behaviour. I’m none of these, and I’m really sounding like an old fart. But here you go: Stephen Bywater spells out the word “cunt” on live TV, seemingly thinking that makes it OK.

And if that isn’t enough, here he is again, eloquently interrupting an interview with one of his team-mates:

Finally, here’s Bywater again, after he and Alex Bruce had both been sent off for a coming-together, rushing after Bruce as he heads for the tunnel and offering to continue it inside:

What a nice man. Here’s my report on that match against Derby last season, by the way.