Acer Aspire One – Sunday Times recommended

The Sunday Times today featured a review of the new generation of “solid-state” notebook PCs, which are faster and more reliable than traditional hard drive-toting laptops. Below I’ve tracked down the models they’ve reviewed, and given you links to the product information pages at Amazon UK.

BEST BUY Acer Aspire One

This great little machine is released on 11 August, but order it today as demand is bound to be massive. Why? Because not only does it tick all the boxes, but it’s just £220 (even less than the Sunday Times review model!). For just carrying around, accessing the web and email, and writing documents, it’s state-of-the-art. And a fetching shade of blue. Note that the other Acer Aspire One models at Amazon UK are conventional hard drive models.
» Details of the Aspire One A110-Ab Netbook (Sapphire Blue) at Amazon UK

Also Reviewed
Apple MacBook Air (not currently in stock at Amazon)
ASUS – eeePC 701 4G black (UK version)
Lenovo ThinkPad X300 6478
Elonex ONEt (not currently in stock at Amazon)

Friends Provident Trophy Final 2008 tickets and details

Cricket eh? The final balls had hardly been bowled in the Friends Provident Trophy semi-finals than people were probably hitting the net to find out about tickets and details for the final. I was one of them, but boy was it hard work. So with any luck, this quick blog post will clear up what you need to know about the 2008 Kent vs Essex Friends Provident Trophy final.

Firstly, where and when is it? The Friends Provident Trophy Final is at Lords on Saturday 16 August 2008 at 10:30.

Now, how do I get tickets? I believe Lords cricket ground has a capacity of just 28,000, so tickets for a final between two sides as popular (and close to London) as Essex and Kent will be like gold dust. Tickets are not on sale there directly at the time of writing. There’ll be a few ticket sales outlets, but Seatwave may be worth a shot. Hopefully the good people there will put an ad on this page to take you straight to the right place. But hey, I’ll take Friends Provident Trophy Final tickets from wherever I can get them. Best of luck, everyone!

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Hot new album alert

Thanks to Aether Everywhere (and StumbleUpon) for this brilliant game. Generate your own random album (it’s up to you to decide what the musical genre might be).

1 – Choose a name for your band from the random page which comes up here

2 – Choose an album title by selecting the final random quote on this page (you may prefer to select just the last four words of the quote)

3 – Get your album cover from the third picture on this page

And there’s your album. That’s mine above, that is.

QD – where I buy my flat caps

Yeah yeah, it’ll probably turn out to be some sort of viral advertising, although somehow I doubt it was dreamed up by Tendring District Council. But whatever, it’s well funny, innit?