GB Olympics Medals Totals

This is simply one of those things which I was curious about, and found it tricky to find online. Eventually I did. So I present the data here in the hope that it might save you an equally long search.
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Whale watching in Victoria

Another (partial) triumph for TripAdvisor: just back from a fabulous whale-watching trip from Victoria BC (where we’re on holiday), and the company we chose (from seemingly dozens) must surely be the best whale watching tour operator in the area. We shortlisted Eagle Wing Tours from the literature at Tourist Information, and then were delighted to find they were ranked top on TripAdvisor. Simply the coolest boats around, and great people. I gave them a nice review to add to the pile. And yes, I did take the shot above – although I missed what would have been a better one, when two killer whales jumped out of the water together, because I’d put my camera away, not wanting to miss seeing what was going on through my own eyes. It was the right thing to do – sorry you can’t see the image from my memory.