The Damned United

The first of something like seven films scheduled for release in the next few weeks which I’ve been really looking forward to was The Damned United, which has been reviewed as that rarest of things, a good film about football. And it is: I really enjoyed it. What I find Continue Reading

Tweeting from Portman Road

Well, four or five of us twittered from this afternoon’s riveting nil-nil thriller at Portman Road; the whole project is a little primitive at the moment, but I honestly believe that one day this sort of thing will be taken for granted. Over forty fans had signed up to follow Continue Reading

Champion Larch Ditherers

110% Larch Dithering! Champion! I’ve always loved anagrams, although my admiration for their possibilities reached its peak many years ago when my flatmate and I realised the best ever anagram of his name was “Bob Ganjashit”. In those days, you either did anagrams with Scrabble letters, a big piece of Continue Reading