Here are some of the sites I run, or ones I've helped with. Feel free to take a look.

Around Queen Edith's

My local issues blog, where I regularly ask: why can't local councils communicate?

Chris Rand Eats

Blogging my way to better health, one plant-based day at a time.

Chris Rand Travels

Blogging my journeys and holidays, whether they're mundane or exciting.

Also check out these sites

Sam Davies

Community activist and independent council candidate

Smarter Cambridge Transport

Brilliant content from a community think-tank.

Alex Rand

Full time student, part time investor, he tells me

Slumbers Beds and Mattresses

Colchester's best and longest established bed store

Baby Tips

Some stuff we wrote when Alex was a little baby. He's now a teenager.

The Rand Family Tree

My place in the Rand Family of Colchester and Clacton-on-Sea, Essex England.

The View From Churchmans

An archive of Ipswich Town match reports which I wrote between 1998 and 2012

Ipswich Town Links

A page that won't die, so I occasionally update it. Now 20 years old.