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A Sandwich.

I know, I know. Really, Chris? You’re going to post a… sandwich?

Why yes, I am.

So I was walking home from town at lunchtime, and I had to pass a lovely plant-based food café. They do great stuff, including some wonderful sandwiches at £6.50. Now, I don’t object to that, running a food business is mind-bogglingly expensive nowadays, and I’d expect to pay £10 for something nice for lunch and a drink. However, I was on my way home, and I would pass our local Co-op, which has terrific veggie/vegan options in its ‘meal deal’ range, for about £3.50. So as I was heading home, I passed by the café – this time.

But when I got to the Co-op, I suddenly thought: “This pre-packaged meal deal stuff isn’t a patch on what the café was offering, so why don’t I just re-create what I would have had there?”

And I did.

I bought the relevant ingredients, and when I got home, I made a falafel, hummus, tzatziki* and lettuce sandwich. It was blummin’ lovely, and what’s more, the ingredients to make at least half a dozen of these cost me less than £6.

I guess this proves that if you’re not going to get someone to make a meal for you in their restaurant, then at least bypass the pre-packaged stuff and make your food yourself.

*Yes, I’m aware that this has yoghurt in it and that means a touch of dairy. Sue me.