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What this is all about

I’m a 59 year old, unfit, overweight Dad.

There, I’ve said it.

I can’t exercise as hard as I’d like to. I’ll probably die earlier than I need to. And although I tell myself that I don’t care, I don’t buy nice clothes because I wouldn’t do them justice.

So I decided to see what I could do about this.

I signed up for a U3A class (U3AC, to be precise) aiming to teach us to ‘eat well, live longer and live well’. My son sent me a book on ‘How Not To Die‘. I watched a few YouTube videos. Quite a few, in fact.

They all came to the same conclusion. All of the above can be sorted out with some diet and lifestyle changes.

Hardly unexpected, of course. But now I have to do something. As someone who can’t do anything without blogging about it, that became part of the plan too.

This is a blog for me, really, but if anyone finds it – and finds it interesting – then you’re welcome.

(Tip: the best way to read through the blog to see the whole exercise is to keep clicking the “Next” link at the end of each page. Or for the latest stuff, just see whatever’s at the top of the home page)