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Do we blend for long enough?

I have a much-loved Ninja blender, one of the ones you press down on to operate. It’s been a staple to make smoothies and soups for a long time.

Recently however I bought myself a very cool Ninja food processor to do more of the things which the blender really can’t handle, especially the sticky stuff. And I learned something interesting.

I haven’t been blending stuff for long enough.

Now, I realise that many things don’t need blending for long. Or perhaps we don’t want them blended that smoothly. But when we do… how long is enough?

The food processor has a blender, and it comes with an automatic, one button blending program. Press it and it goes through a routine of different speeds and resting periods to make a nice blend.

And it takes 60 seconds – which to me, seemed like forever. I realised that with the old blender, I was only blending for maybe 20 seconds, even when I wanted a smooth mix. I’d been blending my cauliflower soup for that long, and it had always been fine. The food processor, however, went on for three times as long and the soup was waaaaay smoother – and in my opinion, much nicer.

So there’s a thing.