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Month 3 results

It’s almost become second nature now. I’ve still been eating out and drinking out (in which case, any rules go out of the window) more than I probably ‘should’. However, the weight is still coming off very nicely, and I feel great, so maybe this could be the new normal.


  1. Continued eating at home entirely plant-based. Stopped trying to tick off the ‘Daily Dozen’ in How Not To Die, as it was proving to be too much food, but I’m bearing it in mind. I may dream up a more simple version – watch this space
  2. Continued to allow myself freedom to eat/drink anything when out (although tried to stay sensible)
  3. Aimed for daily exercise of 9000–10000 steps walking or 45 mins on static bike
  4. Weighed myself daily to get an indication of the impact of individual events


  1. Mood: Still good. I’m enjoying the cooking, but haven’t been adventurous enough. I’m eating meat when out, but I’m not in any way craving it – possibly the opposite, in fact.
  2. Hunger: Not been hungry. Have sorted out a few go-to snacks (fruit, yoghurt*, peanuts, plain chocolate*) but I’m not overdoing them. (*UPDATE: vegan!)
  3. Energy: Sleeping is OK, but not as good as the direction it was heading in last month had suggested. Not great on the exercise target, steps were well down, but the exercise bike record was decent.
  4. Weight: Excellent – loss of a further 1.8kg, so a total of 5.3kg in 3 months.
  5. Daily Dozen: I think I’m conforming to the principles, getting all the food groups down on a reasonably regular basis.


Still very pleased, especially as the vegan home diet seems to be enabling me to lose weight and feel good, without compromising when I go out. There were at least half a dozen multiple-pint occasions in the month (I’m not going to start counting!), and although clearly I could “do much better” in that respect, I don’t want to if I don’t have to! Eating out has always been a great pleasure, and I’m noticing that some meat-based meals out have become less attractive than I remember them being, which is disappointing. But a great fish and chips remains brilliant. I think I need to work harder on the exercise, especially as my U3AC classes – which required 30,000 steps a week to attend – have finished for a while.