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Month 4 results

So no problems at all now, after four months this is the New Normal. Eat healthy (vegan) at home, do what I want when out. The weight is coming off slowly (although that was a secondary consideration) and I’m well past halfway to my first target of losing 10kg. So how can I improve? Do I even need to? That’s what I need to consider.


  1. Mood: Still good. The cooking is fine, but needs to be made a bit more interesting.
  2. Hunger: I’ve definitely not been hungry, which is great.
  3. Energy: Sleeping is definitely worsening, so I need to work out what I was doing earlier in the year for it to have been better then.
  4. Weight: Only a small loss of 0.6kg, but a total of 5.9kg in 4 months.
  5. Daily Dozen: Probably failing on this a bit.


Again, a lot of drinking and socialising (although maybe I’m just more aware of it). Being happy is a priority though, so I need to work around this. The main thing is to admit my weaknesses. I haven’t been eating as much in the way of green vegetables as I should, and I perhaps need to go back to recording what I’m doing, even if it’s not as detailed as ticking off the ‘Daily Dozen’ in How Not To Die. I’ve also not been keeping up the exercise, although it’s been reasonable enough. Not bad, but definitely a ‘Could Do Better’ month.