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Month 5 results

First signs of a problem. The plan to eat healthy (vegan) at home, and to do what I want when out, is fine. But I’ve been eating (and drinking) out quite a lot recently – with a birthday only part of the problem. Consequently the weight has stopped coming off. This needs addressing!


  1. Mood: As last month – still good, and the cooking is fine, but it needs to be made a bit more interesting.
  2. Hunger: Still rarely hungry, which is great.
  3. Energy: Sleeping is not great. Is it diet related? No reason to think so, but no obvious alternative answers either.
  4. Weight: No loss. Still just about hitting the 1kg/month target, but that was hardly challenging.
  5. Daily Dozen: Decent balance of fruit and various veg types, although quantities aren’t as large as the were at the start of the year.


Once again, a lot of drinking and socialising, and definitely another ‘Could Do Better’ month.