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Positive Achievements

While I’m not running round the streets shouting about how my diet has changed my life in the past year, I do think that I’m taking some things for granted and perhaps should list some achievements.

  1. One full year of plant-based cooking at home
    Seriously, yes. I haven’t cooked any meat at home all year, and the food prepared in the house has been 99% plant based, with just an occasional lapse into dairy products, such as when someone sent me some cheese as a present. It’s all second nature now, but casting my mind back to last Christmas, I’d have been amazed to have known that I’d keep this up.
  2. Feeling good!
    Is it down to the improved diet at home that I feel really quite good, most of the time? Without an identical twin to run an A/B test alongside, I will never know. But I’m prepared to believe that the diet is a big contributor.
  3. Reduced alcohol consumption at home
    The rule here is quite simple: only drink alcohol if there are friends or family around, and even then, keep it in moderation. This has been easy to do, although the bar was low, as I’ve never been a solo drinker really. However, it’s a box ticked.
  4. Better eating when out
    Although I haven’t (yet) resolved to make the plant-based switch when I’m out socialising, I’ve found myself choosing a non-meat option on way more occasions that I ever used to. I suspect this is a combination of (a) having realised that the stuff with “V” next to it on the menu can be rather good; (b) that it’s now the sort of stuff I eat on a regular basis; and (c) that the vegetarian or vegan options on the menu are way nicer than they used to be.

Room for improvement?

  1. Widen the range of dishes I cook at home
  2. Cook more ambitiously and don’t opt for the quick pasta-and-pesto type option
  3. Increase consumption of the more important vegetables
  4. Cut out any remaining processed stuff at home (there’s not much, but needn’t be anything)
  5. Keep up the good work!