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Smoothies can be fallible

I make sure I’ve always got plenty of fruit in the house now, both fresh and frozen, so I can make one in moments, whenever I feel like it. To date, almost anything I’ve knocked up has been fine. I’ve even hidden a few less pleasant vegetables in a smoothie by also having stronger tastes like mango or blueberries. It seems you can’t go wrong.

Until today.

I’ve been throwing such random things into smoothies with success, that I’m sure if the last thing in the fridge was an old wrapper I’d probably try it. So when I saw an article suggesting a handful of beansprouts was a good filler, I was well into that, as I had some in the fridge anyway.

However, as it was a trial, I just blended a small amount, using a handful of beansprouts along with berries, mango, banana and apple juice.

Now, I like beansprouts, really I do. This was horrid though.

So what to do? It was pretty undrinkable. But the mangos and banana had hauled themselves halfway around the world to end up in my drink, I couldn’t throw them away. So I doubled down, adding another lot of all the other ingredients except the beansprouts.

It was still horrid.

Do I chase after a lost cause? Oh go on, even more of the other ingredients. Now the beansprout content was down to a third of its original amount.

And still the drink had a nasty edge. But I’ve tasted worse things in life, so I downed the pint, and put the other two in the fridge. I’m not sure I’ll wake up tomorrow looking forward to starting the day with a smoothie, but we live and learn.

And what I’ve learned is: don’t put beansprouts in your drinks, folks. And think before you blend.