Chris Rand's Guide to Everything Ipswich Town FC on the web

Last updated about 2014, I'm afraid, so best of luck.

Official sites

Ipswich Town Football Club

History dates back to 1990 (a world first). Run by Phil Clarke (1990-93), then Paul Felton (1993-95), Martyn Amos (1995-96), Paul Felton again (1996-2001), a local web design outfit called AWS (2002) and now boring old "PremiumTV" like everyone else • Rating 4/5

Planet Blue: the official Club Shop

Always been well-run and friendly, stuff seems to get delivered reliably. No complaints here • Rating 3/5


On The Map - Sir Bobby Robson - The Ipswich Town Years

A 2009 book written by Nick Fuller, with foreword by Kevin Beattie, charting the 13 years of Sir Bobby's reign at Portman Road, also available to download with no charge (but you are invited to make a donation to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation). • 5/5

Ipswich 'til I Die

Super little book of fans' memories, very nicely produced and available for £10 - loads of things to make you smile • 4/5

Ipswich Town: The Inside Story

Phil Ham wrote a must-have book about Town gettng back into the Premiership; if it's still available it'll be here • 3/5

Discussion groups

Ipswich Town Mailing List

The intelligent, grown-up ITFC supporters discussion list. Email only • 5/5

TWTD Message Board

Busiest ITFC discussion forum by far, almost impossible to keep up with, although not the first place for eloquent discourse • 3/5


Rivals discussion site which formerly was the TWTD site, but now does its own thing and is somewhat quieter as a result • 2/5

Busy forum which organises meet-ups on matchdays and even supplied the supporters for Soccer AM in 2004 • 4/5

Discussion groups at Yahoo! Groups

There are currently several supporters discussion groups at Yahoo! Groups which anyone can join, or just browse through the discussion archives. Few, if any, seem particularly lively though • 2/5

Dedicated news sites

TWTD (Those Were The Days)

One of the best fan sites in football, from one of the original Ipswich fanzines. Very professional and highly recommended. Blame a lot of it on Phil Ham and Gavin Wilding • 5/5

My Football Writer - Ipswich Town

Excellent site packed with well-written Ipswich articles by decent journalists: almost too good to be true • 5/5

The Blues Journal

Rivals site with some good articles from decent contributors, well worth a read • 4/5

Fan sites

Pride of Anglia

Exhaustive fan site, a real labour of love and hard to fault: concentrates - as fan sites should do - on the stuff you won't find anywhere else • 5/5

Ipswich Town match reports aka View from Churchmans

My own collection of match reports as posted to the ITFC supporters discussion list. Highly recommended of course. • 5/5

Scandinavian Branch

More up to date news and views from Scandinavia, the most ITFC-addicted part of the world outside of Suffolk, this time in Danish • 4/5

Svenska Ipswich Town FC Fans

More great stuff from those ITFC-addicted Scandinavians, with loads of up to date news and views in Swedish • 4/5

Ipswich Town FC Supporters Club of Norway (Norwegian Blue)

Dette er hjemmesidene til ITSCON (Ipswich Town FC Supporters Club of Norway) • 4/5

Tractor Boys

Good fan site, with up-to-date news and links to press reports, and even a goodies shop! • 4/5


News, forum, stats, Norwich jokes, terrace chant lyrics and more • 3/5

ITFC London

Beautifully designed supporters club branch site which tries to do no more than be the information site for London supporters, and all credit to them for that • 3/5

Singing the Blues (STB-Online)

Slightly more opinionated news than most sites, although the spelling and grammar leave a little to be desired • 3/5

Singing the Blues CD

The CD of all your favourite stuff is still available online! • 3/5

The Sick Parrot

Perennially fun site from Brian Durrant, with funnies, games, news and of course the prediction league • 3/5

Long Melford 90 branch of the Ipswich Town Supporters Club

The branch serves Ipswich Town FC Supporters in the area of Long Melford, Sudbury, Boxford and the surrounding villages, but has members as far away as Croydon • 3/5

Views of the hallowed Portman Road stadium

Fun 360-degree panoramic images of the stadium with all the new stands, courtesy of the BBC. Changing rooms too. Couldn't really find a category to put this link in • 3/5

Ipswich Town Supporters Club

News and information from the official supporters club, including details of all the various branches • 3/5

Torben's Ipswich trips

Exhaustive travelogues of one Danish fan's trips to Portman Road. Fantastic. • 3/5

Official South African Supporters' Branch

Profiles, photos, news and opinions from the lads in SA • 3/5

Simply Blue

Nice new (2009) site by Jake and William with news, ratings and discussion • 3/5

Felixstowe Blues

Irregularly-updated official website for the Ipswich Town Supporters Club Felixstowe & District Branch • 2/5

Ipswich Town Mad

Up-to-date but unadventurous fan site built to a template • 2/5

Mike Lumley's panoramas

Some fun panoramic photos of the ground from one of the regular email list contributors • 2/5

Punch Drunk

News and stuff about the supporters' footy team • 2/5

Scandinavian Blue

I don't speak the language, but it looks very out of date to me • 2/5

Stowmarket Tractor Boys

Looks like it's trying to be humorous and original, but I couldn't get past all the broken links (August 2003) • 2/5

The Upright Citizens

Home of Darmstadt supporters in Cologne ...who also follow the Town amongst others. Good work chaps • 2/5

ITFC Heaven

Hopelessly out-of-date fan site • 1/5

News sites with Ipswich Town sections

Football 365

Simply stats heaven, not only up-to-date but with original and interesting statistics too. The club "matchday magazine" should take note • 5/5

Planet Football

Good up-to-date news, but more importantly some excellent and exhaustive player and match statistics from the Opta people • 5/5


Latest news headlines about us from a widely-respected service • 4/5


Good newsfeed from NewsNow, with up-to-date headlines from fanzines as well as the normal major news sources • 4/5

East Anglian Daily Times

The EADT is Suffolk's major daily paper, and its extensive print coverage on Ipswich is promptly put on the web site • 4/5

BBC Sport

Latest news and stuff about us from the Beeb, not as quick as some other sites, but the gateway to a lot of great footy info • 3/5

Football Ground Guide

Nice introduction to the club, although aimed more at visitors • 3/5

Nationwide Football Matters

Official Nationwide league site, with basic but fairly definitive stats and reasonably up-to-date news • 3/5

Evening Star

Ipswich's evening newspaper features a lot of Town news, but no dedicated page, so it's mixed in with the speedway etc • 3/5

Sporting Life

Up-to-date news, stats and of course betting • 3/5


Up-to-date news and stats • 3/5


Nice concept, polling other sites for news, but only shows how out of date many "news" sites are. Not very attractive though • 2/5

Guardian Unlimited

Disappointingly thin page from otherwise fine news site • 2/5

Sky Sports

Basic stats and that's about all • 2/5

Soccer Age

ITFC-related news and a few other stats • 2/5


Basic stats only • 2/5


Basic Ipswich-related stats, although broad general coverage • 2/5

CNN - Sports Illustrated

News site not updated for two years at the last time of looking. Oh dear • 1/5

Final Whistle

Why do people leave sites up if they have no intention of ever updating them? Nice to see Mogga's still playing for us though • 1/5

Football is

Yet another "news" site not updated for literally years. Remember the Premiership? • 1/5

Searches and link sites

Ipswich Town FC on Google

Ipswich Town FC on Yahoo

Ipswich Town FC on Bing

Google Groups

Quite amusing if you want to look back at newsgroup discussions between fans in seasons long gone by • 3/5

Tony Oliver's links

Good links page although not updated for a while (but then this page isn't exactly updated frequently, so I should probably shut up) • 3/5

General football sites

Transfer Rumours

Decent news site, with more than just transfer rumours • 4/5


Intelligent and appealing footy discussion site, even saying "there has always been an air of the cerebral around the team (Ipswich) and its supporters" in a glowing review of TWTD • 4/5

Football Poets

Poems about football. Simply wonderful stuff • 4/5

Journey to the 92

A look at every ground in the country from someone who's been to the lot. • 4/5

Rec.Sport Soccer Statistics Foundation

Comprehensive coverage of results worldwide: if it ain't here, I don't know where you'll find it • 4/5

All the Pies

Footy humour site "hurriedly assembled on a semi-regular basis with one eye on Match of the Day and another on a half-eaten large doner with chilli sauce" • 2/5


Home page for fine footy ground fanzine • 2/5


One or two reasonable features and a load of links, but that's about all • 2/5

When Saturday Comes

The website's mainly an ad for the magazine, but the magazine is my favourite footy magazine and has been for years • 2/5


Shallow news site in more ways than one • 1/5 home