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Ipswich Town home match reports from just another season-ticket holder


Ipswich Town 1 Slovan Liberec 0

Fans of statistical sequences will know that a home win should mean we get stuffed in the away leg, but I'm sure we'll all take tonight's result gladly. As expected, Joe Royle didn't tinker much with the team selection (after all, he probably doesn't know the names of some of the players yet), but he did opt for the flattest, plainest 4-4-2 you ever did see, presumably because that would give him the ... More...

Ipswich Town 0 Gillingham 1

Most top-level teams would probably look ahead to a fixture against Gillingham and prefix their comments with "With all due respect to Gillingham..." - which as we all know really means "With no respect at all to Gillingham..." Well, things have now sunk low enough that we really do have to respect teams like Gillingham. It was a day where Portsmouth's away thrashing of the team which comfortably got a draw with us ... More...

Ipswich Town 2 Burnley 2

Dear dear. Things didn't bode well as I walked towards the ground at 6.45pm to see Fab getting into his car (D1 FAB) and forcefully driving away from the ground. One for the more imaginative gossipmongers, I'm sure. What did it mean? I don't know. But I don't know much after tonight. Do the players all want to work for Mogga? Is Mogga the man for the job? Whatever your opinion, there was ... More...

Ipswich Town 2 Sheffield Wed 1

Well, those who wanted George's head on a plate got their wish, but that's only half the job done: now we have to find (and be able to afford) someone better. And if this was Oor Tony's manifesto, there was little to persuade the electorate to vote for him, I'm afraid. Apart from the enforced changes, Mogga didn't go for a radical alternative to the lineup and tactics which have let us down ... More...


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