The View From Churchmans

Ipswich Town home match reports from just another season-ticket holder


Ipswich Town 2 Leicester City 0

Not a game you'd regret missing, despite having three points to cheer. It was blummin' freezing, and Leicester have obviously decided that the best way to avoid dropping down as fast as the title "Division One" is to, er, keep it tight at the back. The match was like watching a giant lung; every time Leicester got the ball, all the players squeezed into a circle about 30m diameter, and every time we ... More...

Ipswich Town 2 Burnley 1

A well-deserved win against one of those teams you get great satisfaction in beating, if only because their single asset is their, er, "robust" attitude. Naturally, we made heavy weather of it, big style. But it was more continuation of the developing younger side, and there were some fine performances. Never has their been a greater indictment of the one-up-front formation, however. As the second half showed, when Lee has to shoulder the entire attacking ... More...


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