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Ipswich Town 5 Sheffield Utd 1

Not quite the slaughter which the scoreline suggests, with Sheffield actually in top for short periods at the start of each half, but a terrific performance nevertheless, right through the team. At times we played some sparkling football, although it
could be said that it was one of those nights where almost everything went in. Although we were good, it was a bonus that Sheffield went to pieces in the middle of the second half. How great it is to see us take our chances for once, though. And how good
to see one of those evenings where we were playing out time, passing it around to cheers from the crowd ten or fifteen minutes from the end. Things are looking good.

Some ratings:
(1-5 for effort, 1-5 for achievement)

PRICE 6 (3/3): A couple of impetuous sprints out of the area were a little out of character, and there was the usual slightly dodgy distribution under pressure, but he did the main things more than competently. A good prospect.

DIALLO 5 (3/2), DE VOS, NAYLOR 7 (3/4), WILNIS 6 (3/3): Another quiet night at the back, notable more for De Vos’ unfortunate injury, which didn’t look too bad, but necessitated a complete reorganisation (Richards for Wilnis, Wilnis for Diallo, and
Diallo for De Vos) …and it was a major turn for the worse. Bam-Bam in particular looks so much more comfortable alongside De Vos compared to Diallo; as a partnership they were messy. Nice goal though.

MILLER 7 (4/3), MAGILTON 7 (4/3), HORLOCK 6 (3/3), WESTLAKE 8 (4/4): Good performances across the midfield tonight, particularly from Westlake in the first half, who found loads of good space and was instrumental in nearly all the good passing moves (and
there were several). With Richards behind him he didn’t seem to have quite the same confidence to commit himself.

KUQI 8 (4/4), BENT 8 (4/4): Both caused the Sheffield defence no end of problems throughout the game, and both were to be found making tackles as well as creating chances right to the end. I wouldn’t say they were a good partnership yet, but it’s getting
better, and with such individual commitment and ability, it’s not the be-all-and-end-all.

Sub: RICHARDS 4 (2/2) looked nervy again, and gave the ball away almost every time he had a chance to do something with it. Not encouraging.

The REFEREE was very good, although the bookings (Ipswich 0 Sheffield 4) and the fact he gave us a penalty might make it seem as if he favoured us, but there wasn’t much option for him on any of those decisions.

The CROWD were great, one of those noisy evenings where the ground really came to life. And with the Mexican Wave in the second half (how long is it since you saw one of those?), the crowd actually outdid the team in terms of rubbing the opposition’s
noses in it. Woo, and indeed hoo.

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