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Ipswich Town 3 Coventry 0

An ordinary display from Town, with one or two areas of concern, but
the outcomes were all positive, particularly three points (which was
the main thing), and some confidence-boosting for the strikers,
seeing their names on the scoresheet for the first time in 2005.

A fairly conventional and predictable starting lineup, with perhaps
only the selection of Karbasiyoon over Richards at left-back as a
debating point. Westlake was suspended, and we missed his
industriousness. In fact, for most of the first half, we missed an
awful lot of things, because we allowed Coventry to show us how to
pass the ball around nicely and make the breaks happen. The goal was
another criminal giveaway by the defence, but to be fair, a 0-1
scoreline by then was about right.

As the game wore on, however, we began to wind it up, and there was
a sense of inevitability that the three points would be ours. Only
an unlucky penalty threatened the way things seemed destined to turn
out. But we can do better than this, and a lot of the team seemed
weary. After next Saturday’s important game, the 13 days without a
match which follow may be quite welcome to a number of players.

Some ratings: (1-5 for effort, 1-5 for achievement)

DAVIES 5 (2/3): Did what he had to do, which meant a couple of
decent saves, but the defence was messy today and Kelvin has to
accept a lot of the collective responsibility. The communication
still leaves a lot to be desired.

WILNIS 7 (3/4), DE VOS 5 (3/2), NAYLOR 6 (3/3), KARBASIYOON 5 (3/2):
A bitty performance which made Fab, who had a solid (if
unspectacular) game, stand out from the crowd. I can’t see what
Danny K offers which Matt Richards doesn’t: he’s certainly no
improvement from a defensive point of view, and was beaten all too
easily on several occasions.

MILLER 5 (3/2), MAGILTON 5 (3/2), HORLOCK 4 (2/2), CURRIE 7 (3/4):
We were as disjointed in midfield today as we were in defence, with
the central players really not offering much mobility. Tommy Miller
was curiously uninvolved for large parts of the game. Dazzling
Darren had a great individual match, with some exquisite passing,
but I’m still concerned at the unsettling effect he’s having on our
overall game plan. Lovely skill, but for me, the jury’s still out.
Personally, I wonder if he might be more effective as a more central
creative player, doing what Jim is having increasing difficulty
continuing to do. Sure, he can cross the ball, but he can also look up and
put the ball into the stride of any frontrunner.

KUQI 7 (4/3), BENT 7 (3/4): Better, indeed much better. Joe said
afterwards that a year ago, if Shefki had given away a penalty like
that he’d have substituted him because it would have broken his
confidence, but you can see why he doesn’t have to do that now. It
fired the big man up to an extraordinary degree, and he might have
had a hat-trick in the last twenty minutes. Darren seems to be
coming out of his poor patch, although he drifted in and out of the
game, but two good goals speak for themselves.

Sub: BOWDITCH had enough time to show us what he can do, but didn’t
make a major impact.

The REFEREE was never in control of the game, so thank goodness it
wasn’t a bad-tempered one. He made decisions which annoyed both
sides equally though. The CROWD was subdued, but went home happy.

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