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Ipswich Town 5 Crewe 1

Once upon a time (and younger readers will never have experienced this), it
was commonplace for the last home game of the season to have nothing riding
on it. Both teams had a pleasant kick-around, everyone basked in the
sunshine, and we all piled on to the pitch for a laugh at the end. Of course
nowadays, if you’re an Ipswich supporter, the chances of any end-of-season
game being meaningless are about as low as Rob Chandler inviting us all on
the pitch, but in other respects, this seemed to have the same sort of party
atmosphere. And it’s odd, because you never seem to know these days whether
it’ll be the last home game of the season or not.

One thing’s for sure: it’ll be the last home game against such poor
opposition. Crewe looked totally out of their depth. There’s really very
little to say about the game; most of the Town players barely broke a sweat,
and you feel if there’d been any real motivation (once the win was assured),
we could have got twice as many. There’s very little to learn from the
afternoon – job done, I guess. Brighton will be more difficult, but you have
to feel that Wigan are pacing themselves nicely to get the four points they
needed from their last two games, and we’ll most likely all be off to
Reading in a fortnight’s time.

Some ratings:
(1-5 for effort, 1-5 for achievement)

DAVIES 4 (2/2): Although it didn’t matter, Kelvin had a dreadful
afternoon. Twice he decided not to go for a ball but didn’t tell the
defenders, who had to make panicky clearances, then later he decided to
come for one but didn’t call, and nearly decapitated Dizzy. Finally, he
dropped the ball from a shot he’d been able to see all the way and had
to pick it out of the net with a very red face. That’s the division’s
keeper of the year, that is.

WILNIS 6 (3/3), NAYLOR 6 (3/3), DE VOS 6 (3/3), UNSWORTH 5 (3/2): The
defence had little to do, so average marks all round, with the exception
of Unsworth, who again made too many unforced errors and didn’t impress.

MILLER 7 (3/4), MAGILTON 7 (3/4), WESTLAKE 8 (4/4), CURRIE 5 (2/3):
Tommy and Westy did all the running and allowed Jim to spend most of the
first hour controlling the game in front of Crewe’s penalty area. Not
their most challenging afternoon, but they made the most of the space.
Only Darren C failed to deliver; he really seemed to be behind the play,
and it was Unsworth, disappointingly, who seemed to end up putting most
of the crosses in. Some lovely touches as ever, but is that enough?

KUQI 6 (3/3), BENT 7 (4/3): Shefki played it sensibly and calmly; Darren
was unlucky not to score and really looks a class above most first
division defenders now. His development this season may have been
overshadowed by Shefki’s emergence from nowhere, but it’s been very

Subs: Three substitutions which looked like they were mainly to rest a
few important players. DIALLO came on for Naylor, and looked his usual
clumsy self. It would have been unforgivable for COUNAGO not to have
produced something on an afternoon like this, and at last he delivered,
looking pretty sharp thoughout his brief appearance. SCOWCROFT also
looked more useful than he has done so far; it’d be curious if any of
these three players were to play a significant role in whatever’s to
come between now and the end of the season.

The REFEREE kept things going well, especially with the advantage which
led to Jim’s goal. And the CROWD were in terrific spirits throughout. A
full house, and a noisy one, for Crewe? Whatever next?

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