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Ipswich Town 3 Colchester Utd 2

One of the most exciting games of the season: goals, controversy, atmosphere
and a local rivalry of sorts. Colchester’s fans rather embarrassingly made
it seem like it was their cup final, what with the big turnout, the balloons
and the ticker-tape. After having been in a crowd of nearly 29,000, I should
think many of them are going to be a bit disappointed when they go to their
first home game.

With enough of the breaks, the match could have gone either way, but despite
that, we were comfortable and deserving winners. After we’d had a shot
cleared from what looked like behind the line, Colchester raced up the other
end and everyone in the ground instinctively knew: “they’re going to score
here”. Well, everyone except half of our team, who were either complaining
to the officials or putting on their best bewildered poses. I hope Magilton
read them the riot act over that one.

With another two contentious refereeing decisions to come, both resulting in
goals, it’s hard to focus on assessing individual or team displays, but I’d
say overall it was another encouraging performance. The defence did a good
job, although the midfield was a little lightweight. The strikers once again
gave the opposing defence a really hard time without actually getting many
shots off, but I’d say on balance they’re going in the right direction. So
well done lads, that’s two out of two in our sequence of three home games on
the trot against lower league opposition ;-)

Overall Town Performance: 7 (4 for effort/3 for achievement)

Player Ratings

PRICE 5 (2/3): Made what little shot-stopping he had to do look routine, but
wasn’t communicating well with his defenders, and had a very dodgy kicking
spell in the second half.

WRIGHT 6 (3/3), NAYLOR 8 (4/4), BRUCE 7 (3/4), HARDING 7 (3/4): Whether or
not the ball hit Wright’s arm or not, there’s surely no way it was
intentional, and a law which says the referee then has to send him off
surely needs more flexibility. Generally, he looked pretty decent, but could
have taken some lessons today from Alex Bruce and Dan Harding on sticking to
the task and not getting drawn out of position. Bam-Bam was magnificent,
especially in the second half, leading by example and reading the game

PETERS 8 (4/4), LEGWINSKI 8 (4/4), WILLIAMS 6 (3/3), ROBERTS 5 (2/3):
Jamie and Monica were my other two picks of the team today, for very
different reasons. Peters showed what he can do with a bit of confidence,
making the opposing defence look very slow at times with his direct running.
This was the best I’ve seen him play yet. Legwinski was everywhere again,
anticipating everything and looking equally comfortable in advanced or
defensive roles. The central role didn’t suit Gavin Williams as much though;
he looked a bit off the pace. And Gary Roberts was also disappointing, more
in terms of his team play than anything.

CLARKE 6 (3/3), LEE 6 (3/3): Both strikers had fairly ordinary games. Billy
Clarke is really being let down by his first touch at the moment, and
although Lee looked decent in the air, neither got off enough efforts on

Subs: HAYNES came on and scored the winner. Again. But it wasn’t his record
which made you just know he was going to score, it was his whole demeanour.
I don’t think anyone was surprised when he finally got his chance and buried
it. O’CALLAGHAN and RICHARDS got a short run-out each.

The CROWD were in good voice (on both sides) but Rob Chandler on the PA was
the most amusing thing to be heard this afternoon, with some great
Colchester-baiting. The REFEREE must have made almost everyone in the ground
angry at one time or another, but I guess if you look back at it, he was
applying the letter of the law more often than not. And he kept his cards in
his pocket admirably, for the most part.

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