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Ipswich Town 3 Cardiff C 1

This one will live on in my mind for, ooh, several minutes. One of the least
memorable games I can ever, er, remember at Portman Road. Even by the time
we got home for our normal post-match debrief, nobody could think of
anything to say. Wait a minute! Fab almost got his annual goal I suppose.

You’d think with nothing to play for on either side, we might have had some
festival footy to go with the Mexican waves in the crowd. Or at the very
least, some of the youngsters would have got their long-promised run-out.
Obviously Jim doesn’t believe in frivolousness like that. More’s the pity,
especially for the thousands of kids there on kids-for-a-quid day, many
possibly on a first (or rare) visit. Ah well, best prepare them for the real

Overall Town Performance: 5 (2 for effort/3 for achievement)

Player Ratings

SUPPLE 5 (2/3): Hardly kicked a ball all afternoon; not sure if it was down
to Shane, or the team were under instruction to build everything from the
back. One or two dodgy moments of miscommunication, otherwise fairly sound.

WRIGHT 6 (3/3), WILNIS 8 (4/4), BRUCE 6 (3/3), HARDING 5 (2/3): Fairly
unremarkable performances generally, except for Fab who seemed really up for
it, and almost scored not once, not twice but three times. That would have
been something memorable.

PETERS 8 (5/3), WILLIAMS 6 (3/3), GARVAN 7 (3/4), ROBERTS 5 (2/3):
Jamie just did not stop all afternoon, popping up at both ends of the park
often just seconds apart. If only he could deliver at the end of it all. The
others were probably no more than OK, with the exception of two or three
magical passes from Owen, from which the strikers were able to put the game
beyond doubt.

JEFFERS 6 (3/3), LEE 5 (3/2): Franny was a little ordinary, to be honest;
after despatching the goal so clinically I was hoping for an inspirational
performance. Alan huffed and puffed but really contributed very little and
certainly wasn’t missed.

Subs: HAYNES seemed as lethargic as anyone today, and was a big
disappointment. WALTERS livened things up considerably though, and his goals
were a just reward. For me, he’s potentially the most exciting of all Jim’s
signings. O’CALLAGHAN was fairly anonymous.

The CROWD were low-key at first, but as so often happens, slowly got going.
The Cardiff fans, many in fancy dress, seemed much more determined to have
an end-of-season party. The REFEREE had about the easiest afternoon an
official’s ever going to have; there was barely a hard decision to make.

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