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Ipswich Town 6 Bristol City 0

Extraordinary. Hands up who said before this one that if the home record was to go, it might well be this afternoon? Now, people might point out that Bristol lost one centre-half soon into the second quarter of the game, and lost the other (as well as going a man down) soon into the third quarter, so it’s hardly surprising they struggled defensively. But that’s in hindsight. Don’t forget we were two goals up and well on target for a three or four goal win even before all that. Town’s performance when both sides were at full strength was as good as any we’ve seen this season; the way balls from Garvan were carving Bristol’s defence open via the head of Walters or Lee was fabulous. This was great stuff, and only helped by the fact that Bristol seemed determined to play an expansive game which gave them chances but left themselves very exposed at times. Given that’s more like the way most home teams play, and that we were so successful against it, you wonder just why we can’t create so many chances away from home.

Overall Town performance:

9/10 – majestic: the only disappointment seemed to be an air of boredom through the side for the last 15 minutes.

Opposition quality:

5/10 – they need to forget about this, because they’re not that bad.


5/10 – quite a few odd decisions, but they weren’t critical and at least they were balanced evenly; didn’t have much choice for the penalty/red card, I guess.

Match excitement:

7/10 – great for an hour, after which there was almost an air of embarrassment about proceedings.

Opposition supporters:

8/10 – sang their hearts out to the end, and never turned on their team.

Player ratings as ever 1 to 5 for each of effort/achievement…

ALEXANDER 6 (3/3) looked confident but didn’t have a lot to do, to be honest.

WRIGHT 7 (3/4) always looked useful and paired up well with Walters as usual – and where he came from for his goal, I’ve no idea; BRUCE 6 (3/3) and DE VOS 6 (3/3) were solid, and (just) managed to keep their concentration when the game turned into a training match towards the end; HARDING 8 (4/4) was terrific in defence and going forward.

WALTERS 9 (4/5) obviously gets full marks for his hat-trick alone, but he was also our most effective player generally in the first third of the game until Lee went off and our game lost something of its shape; MILLER 6 (3/3) was steady throughout,
albeit playing something of a supporting role; GARVAN 9 (4/5) absolutely controlled the game, playing no end of killer passes, making the tackles where it counted; CLARKE 5 (3/2) buzzed around encouragingly as he always does, but again, proved far too lightweight to make a real impression, gave away the ball once too often, and missed his only decent chance.

LEE was a real problem for Bristol from the off, and he’ll have been gutted to have missed out on the fun and games in the second half; COUNAGO 8 (4/4) had what I reckon is his best game for us since his return: the attitude was right, the skill at times was excellent, and the goal was well deserved.

HAYNES 5 (2/3) was the biggest disappointment of the afternoon for me; winning the penalty was one of the few times he really showed what he could do, whereas for most of the second half he just didn’t look motivated despite the excellent opportunity for a striker to fill his boots; ROBERTS came on when the game was dead but didn’t make any real impact; and LEGWINSKI got even less time, in a position where he could make even less impact.

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