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Ipswich Town 0 Sunderland 2

Disastrous result, doubling our league defeats in 1998, but really not
that bad a performance IMHO. Sunderland will be the best side we fact
this season, for a start, and they proved why with the excellent
opportunism they showed in taking advantage of Stockwell’s injury for the
first goal. The second was just a lucky break, and a great finish
(Richard almost did enough, sending Phillips so wide that he had to
produce a great turn to score). The real problem was Burley I’m afraid.
After Stockwell went off, he did the obvious and put Holster on, but
Holster was out of touch and crept into the centre, leaving Tarricco
hopelessly exposed without Stockwell’s usual backup. Instead of
correcting this, Burley decided to change to a 4-3-3 formation, leaving
Holster where he’d gone and pushing Petta up… leaving Clapham just as
exposed. Sunderland weren’t slow in realising this and made the most of
it. Even Dichio was heading out to the vast spaces on the wings. Dreadful
tactics. This allowed Sunderland to take the game to us, and restricted
our own pressure, when the second half should really have seen one way
traffic. So black marks to Burley.
Another curious thing: Kevin Ball and
Matt Holland simply took each other out of the game. Both should have
been the sides’ playmakers; both played almost no part. Nice to see
Johnson starting to look sharper. It’s coming. And nice to see the lift
which Scowie’s arrival gave the game, the team and the support. He really
wants it, and good luck to him.

My ratings:
Wright 7
Clapham 7 Mowbray 8 Venus 8 Tarricco 6
Petta 6 Holland 6 Dyer 9 Stockwell (-) Holster 5
Mathie 5 Scowcroft 7 Johnson 7

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