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Ipswich Town 1 Crewe 2

Just unbelievable. Who was the bloke who went on 6-0-6 afterwards and
said that supporting Ipswich was the most stressful thing he’d ever done
in his life? Too right. I’ve let myself calm down a bit before writing
this. To lose at home against the bottom-of-the-table side reduced to ten
men well before the end? Only Ipswich…
Like Tuesday against Swindon, we passed sweetly despite the atrocious
conditions, and we dominated the possession, but couldn’t finish to save
our lives, so only scored one. Unlike Swindon, we were up against a more
organised, committed opposition who managed to take advantage of our rare
mistakes – to devastating effect. If we don’t go up now, we have only one
thing to blame: mediocre finishing (and that’s being generous). OK, so
Crewe’s goals were down to uncharacteristically poor defending on our
part, but that’s been a rare thing this season. Acting like talentless
pillocks in front of goal has been the real problem. Alex, where are you?
Johnno ran his heart out, and was the only player in the team in the
first half not to be made to look foolish by the puddles; he dribbled and
controlled the ball as though the pitch was perfect. But he didn’t have
the inspiration and creativity to see those gaps in the defence.
Scowcroft just hung around as though his mind was elsewhere. He passed us
on the A14 at 6pm in his BMW doing about 100mph, so maybe it was.
When we’re up against a packed defence who are quick to get behind the
ball, and a team playing a lone striker, we really don’t need to waste
resources on a five man defence (come to think of it, with Clapham and
Stockwell forward, even a three-man defence was a luxury). Add to that
the fact that Matt and Jim were running midfield on their own, so
Kieron’s distinct lack of ambition wasn’t a problem, why didn’t we have
three or four up front, especially in the second half? Because of
Burley’s “it’s got us this far, I’m not going to change things even
slightly now” attitude. Very disappointing. We would have lost nothing by
taking Kieron or one of the centre halves off at half-time and bringing
Naylor on.
Mowbray decided to hand the player of the season to Jamie Clapham by
playing one of his dodgiest games of the season. Completely intimidated
by Rodney Jack’s speed, he lunged out hopelessly three or four times in a
way only Thetis in his first few games has done for us this season. Now
the best we can hope for is to go into the last game still in with a
shout, which will require beating Birmingham (some hope at the moment),
whereas Bradford could actually wrap it up next weekend and their
“difficult last game” against Wolves could be irrelevant. I’m depressed
and off down the pub. Don’t wake me early tomorrow anyone.

Some ratings:
Wright 6
Stockwell 6 Thetis 6 Mowbray 5 Venus 6 Clapham 7
Dyer 5 Holland 7 Magilton 7
Johnson 7 Scowcroft 5

Nice to see Superfarmer back so quickly as sub.

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