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Ipswich Town 3 QPR 1

Well it was never going to be as easy as Swindon, but after Saturday I
thought this was going to be the inevitable nil-nil. After ten minutes
even that looked optimistic! But we sorted ourselves out and were well
worth the three points. Can’t remember the last time so many different
MotM suggestions were proferred on the way home though! QPR had an
organised defence, and Kiwomya was dangerous when receiving long balls
(which was their main tactic). Later he got so wound up by the North
Stand though that he became much less effective. Ho ho. For me Magilton
was MotM, but as I said, nobody around me agreed! I was worried that
Holland, although getting stuck in well, didn’t seem to have too much of
a well defined role. And with Cundy back, we had two central defenders
who can’t pass out (and know it), so it was really important they had
support from midfield. However, Matt was conspicuous by his absence and
the recurring sight was Magilton haring back from an advanced position to
get the ball off Mowbray coming forward – but coming back so fast he was
not in a good position to control it and turn. Silly little thing, but it
needs sorting. Or Kieron back. Jason clearly still needs a few games, but
it’s so good to see him in the side again. Bring on Naarij.

Some ratings:
Wright 7
Wilnis 8 Venus 7 Mowbray 7 Cundy 6 Clapham 7
Holland 7 Magilton 8 Stockwell 7
Johnson 7 Scowcroft 7

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