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Ipswich Town 1 Wolves 0

Not very convincing, the team were devoid of ideas and a draw wouldn’t
have been harsh. But given that at least four of the side were rubbish, a
win was quite an achievement. Burley has obviously put them under strict
instructions to go back to the short passing game, but whilst the likes
of Stockwell took this very literally (and it somwhat stifled his
performance), others found it tough, and the inevitable result was a hoof
up to Scowcroft. As usual.

Some ratings:

Wright 8 – almost faultless, and two cracking saves

McGreal 8 Mowbray 7 Brown 7 – each made the odd error, and Brown’s
distribution went to pieces towards the end, but each also made a couple
of fantastic saving tackles. Plus McGreal’s delivery for the goal was

Clapham 5 Wilnis 6 – a stinker for Jamie, who didn’t seem to know what
was going on. Superfarmer was barely any better, I really wonder if he’s
up to it.

Stockwell 6 Holland 7 Magilton 7 – Micky let Burley’s orders spoil his
game, making few runs (and he got a knock which obviously had an effect),
while Matt and Jim worked hard – although we did always seem to look a
man short in midfield.

Scowcroft 6 Johnson 5 – perhaps a little harsh on Johnno, who really did
seem to be trying, but nothing went right at all, and his control was
poor and his eye for goal probably worse. Scowcroft was probably worth no
more, but he did at least put one away. But his control was dreadful, he
had no idea where anyone else was (so any balls he won in the air were
lost) and he kept giving the ball away. A horrible game for both
strikers, although Johnno’s had worse recently!

I wasn’t impressed. Still, 3 clean sheets in a row! It’s what we were all
calling for a few weeks back.

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