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Ipswich Town 2 Grimsby 0

Interesting performance – a good one, although if we’d been more ruthless
it could have been five or six. And on balance, we certainly deserved
three or four. Grimsby were poor, and their fans singing “You’re not fit
to play for Town” showed that. Almost everyone played well, and the most
encouraging thing was the performance of two of the players who’ve been
borderline of late, Wilnis and Jermaine Wright.
Wilnis wasn’t given much to do in defence, it’s true, and on half of the
few occasions Grimsby did attack down the left, he was stranded upfield
and required McGreal to cover, but his forward play was very positive.
Wright started off very shakily, but grew in confidence during the first
half, and his second half was the best we’ve seen from him to date. In
fact, I’d say it’s probably as good as Magilton’s ever been for us in the
same position.
Regardless of what was forced on him by Scowie’s absence, I can’t
understand Burley playing a half-fit Johnson. I assume he was only
half-fit anyway (I don’t want to entertain the thought that he was fully
fit, because if so, his lack of application was despicable). After half
an hour it was clear that selecting Johnson had been a mistake, and I
assumed a half-time substitution was a formality. Leaving him on to muck
things up for yet another half an hour was just plain incompetent. I
could have screamed (oh hang on, I did) when Stockwell got to the byeline
*three* times but had to check back because Johnson was still jogging
forward around the half-way line waving as if to say “hang on a minute,
I’m on the way”. Yet mysteriously, on about two or three occasions,
Johnson sprinted past defenders almost as fast as I’ve ever seen him run.
What was going on?
Definitely back on track though.

Some ratings:
Wright 7
(very little to do, but looked confident when needed)
Wilnis 7 McGreal 7 Mowbray 7 Venus 7 Clapham 7
(all very solid, hardly putting a foot wrong, and the distribution is
definitely improving)
Stockwell 7 Holland 7 Wright 8
(Matt looked a little out of sorts but got into some tremendous attacking
Naylor 7 Johnson 5
(Naylor put himself about well but needs a touch more class – or a decent

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