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Ipswich Town 6 Barnsley 1

When we’re scraping 1-1 draws at home to Walsall later in the season,
let’s remember days like these! Clear daylight at the top of the table,
and Naarij just as clearly bottom.
Barnsley were rubbish. Just clueless. Quite frankly, we could have scored
six today. Oh hang on… we did. And we were well worth it. How brilliant
is it to see us dispose of crap opposition instead of playing down to
their level. Apart from the start of the second half, when we sat back
for a 15-minute breather, it was exhibition stuff. Johnson is in a
different class to most opposing defences this season, substantially
quicker, and a lot hungrier too. And you wouldn’t realise it from the
Division One goalscorers’ table, but he’s not being selfish either: he
set up Magilton for a cert when he could have had a crack for his
hat-trick. But let’s not underestimate the support Naylor is giving him,
worrying the hell out of the defence, and the superb linking play from
Scowie, who’s just getting better and better in this role. Oh that we’d
thought of it last season.
Now I get the chance to do ratings…

Wright (6) – not much to do, but he failed to call a couple of times, and
McGreal had to put the ball out.

Venus (7) – some disappointing overambitious hoofs, but very sound with
players coming at him. Substituted at half-time for Brown (8) who really
looked the part – some tremendous distribution too.
McGreal (7) – Cool and confident, and very quick off the mark, something
we’ve not been blessed with in central defence in recent years
Thetis (7) – Very strong in the air, and not too quick to try those
dribbles today when a short pass offered itself instead
Wilnis (7) – You can’t fault two pinpoint crosses for goals, or a close
effort he made himself, but his distribution was erratic

Clapham (7) – Still looking a little lost in midfield at times, but
pretty faultless
Holland (7) – Superb ball-winning as ever, and a couple of wonderful runs
through, although he failed to connect both times. One or two dodgy
passes, surprisingly
Wright (7) – Quiet and slightly unconfident first half, but came into
things much more later on, and played some super through balls
Scowcroft (9) – Perhaps the best performance I’ve ever seen from Scowie.
Didn’t miss a thing in the air, often flicking on with absolutely perfect
precision. Got stuck in on the ground too. When the ball went in his
direction, at whatever height, you just knew he’d win it, and he did.
Really deserved his goal.

Johnson (8) – I marked an otherwise devastating performance down a point
because he missed twice when through with just the keeper to beat.
Otherwise, as good as anything so far this season from the Division’s top
striker, and one of the country’s top strikers too, I’d bet. Got caught
offside, wandering, once too often
Naylor (7) – Put himself about, made a couple of glorious chances for
others, and were we glad he got a chance of a one-on-one eventually: he’s
so much better at that than Johnno! Getting more and more effective with
each game.

Useful sub appearances from Magilton and Stockwell.

Oh, and North Stand (10) – haven’t seen a fooy crowd enjoy itself so much
for years. Very funny, and even persuaded us in the Cobbold Stand to come
to life for once.

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