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Ipswich Town 1 Port Vale 0

That’s better. Not just because of the result, but
we played more as a team than against Everton or Grimsby. And we shouldn’t
find the scoreline too disappointing; Port Vale were much better than their
recent form and position suggests. Harewood looked like a useful loanee
(when he went off on one run down the wing, Emile Heskey or what?) although
he was trying too hard to impress and often went for the difficult solo
option when the simpler pass would have been better. But as a settling-in
game, not too bad. The defence stayed solid, and Jamie should be singled
out for tireless effort. Shame about his corners, we should have realised
right from the start that the Vale keeper was fine in the air, but we never
learn, do we? Wilnis is settling in nicely – I think he’s going to be a
tremendous buy.
If Thetis throws his hands in the air in Gallic despair (copyright all
Sunday papers 1878-1999) and retires from football after that booking, I
won’t be surprised. What the *hell* is he supposed to have done? Did the
ref suddenly remember that the FA officials’ manuel (sic) states that
“Thetis has to be booked every game, regardless”?
The midfield formation was what I’d wanted to see – Magilton playing deep
and releasing Matt to come forward. Unfortunately Kieron had a stinker of a
first half, and Matt had to do a lot of covering. Magilton bossed the game
big-time for periods of the first half. Nothing flash, but he had it all
under control. Then Kieron usually did something stupid. Curiously, when
Kieron finally woke up in the second half, it didn’t really solve matters,
with Holland failing to get forward. But Port Vale’s busy midfield were
probably responsible for that. And up front – well, what can I say about
Johnno’s “110%” effort? He was everywhere. But they’re still all working
for each other and nobody wants to actually put the damn thing in the net.
So all in all, an encouraging afternoon. I think we’re coming out of the
slump. MotM for Jamie (just) over Johnno, and I’d have thought 9-out-of-10
performances if Jamie’s corners had been better and Johnno had just stuck
one away.
Now I’m off to see Arsenal v Chelsea from a poncy executive box at Highbury
– – I’ve had enough good footy for one weekend, and I want to see some
Some ratings:
Wright 8
Clapham 8 Venus 7 Mowbray 7 Thetis 7 Wilnis 7
Magilton 7 Holland 7 Dyer 6
Harewood 6 Johnson 8

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