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Ipswich Town 3 Watford 2

Last home game we were creating chances from all over the place and not
putting any away, tonight we had about the same amount of possession yet
created hardly anything – but managed to score three times. Just like the
Oxford match however, we weren’t mature enough to slow the game down and
put our foot on the ball in the last 15 minutes, and the end was a
frantic scramble …again. Someone’s smiling on us though, because the
lead we had proved (just) big enough on both occasions.

Overshadowing everything though was Kieron’s injury. Anglia TV’s replay
seemed to show it was caused by a tackle from Micah Hyde, and although
Kieron played on for a while afterwards, it’s definitely a fracture and
“a probable six week layoff” (Burley) means we’ll be lucky to see him
play again this season.

First goal was a lovely flick through by Psycho to Kieron, who turned and
found the goal in front of him, and this week didn’t panic. Second goal
immediately afterwards was a glorious 25-yard thunderbolt free kick from
Mark Venus. Wonderful to see.

Then it went a little odd. Instead of replacing Kieron with Bobby Petta
and giving him a similar roving brief, Petta was put on the left wing and
we changed to 4-4-2 for the first time in ages, with Thetis at right back
and Superfarmer Wilnis as right midfield. It seemed to be OK, but at half
time Thetis was withdrawn (presumably through the injury which had made
him doubtful before the game) and Wilnis was brough back to right back
and Micky Stockwell put in right midfield. This didn’t work. Stockwell
kept getting drawn into the centre, leaving Wilnis hopelessly exposed
time and time again. Not only is he probably not the world’s greatest
defensive right back, but he was constantly being pressured by two
Watford players without support. In the end it showed, with him giving
the ball away once too often and Watford getting a goal back. Meanwhile
over the other side, Watford weren’t pressurising too much, but as a left
back Clapham had to stay much more withdrawn, and consequently hardly
featured in the whole half (after a fine first 45 minutes). What a waste.
Full credit to Holland and Magilton (again) for battling and running the
midfield. Magilton’s defence-splitter allowed Johnno to round the keeper
and make it 3-0. Let’s hope it does his confidence some good, because
other than this, Johnno had a poor match and his game is going downhill.

Also worthy of note was Psycho’s tireless effort (although he’s still
playing on another pitch to Johnno). Downers were Stockwell’s lack of
match sharpness, and Petta, who despite putting in more effort than at
Everton (hardly difficult) seems to have lost it big time. One good run
is simply not enough.

Oh well, we’re getting the results and the others up there with us
aren’t, so let’s not complain. But we simply *must* have Magilton now, or
our first choice midfield is going to be a tiring Matt Holland, an unfit
Mick Stockwell and an unpredictable Bobby Petta. After that it’s… Marco
Holster? Hardly the engine-room of an automatic promotion winning side is

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