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Ipswich Town 0 Grimsby 1

Bloody awful, the worst we’ve played all season without a doubt: there
seemed to be a disease called “can’t pass” and it affected everyone.
We’ve played badly a couple of other times this season but not let in a
daft goal, so scraped a 0-0 but today – despite the fact we had most of
the possession – we deserved the kick up the pants that *yet another*
home defeat should give us. Only two bright spots – an immaculate
performance from Tony Mowbray, and a promising debut by Fabian Wilnis.
Grimsby sat right back, something we can never play against, never once
trying to catch us offside and knowing full well that without a chance to
run on to the ball, Naylor and Johnson can be clueless. The two seemed to
have no communication, usually being half a pitch apart. Grimsby also
swamped out the midfield excellently. Kieron spent most of the game
coming right back to get the ball off the defenders, which was a real
waste, and for large parts of the second half we couldn’t get the ball
out of our own half. It could be said that there wasn’t much Burley could
do, the problem being down to so many of the players being off form, but
his answer (to bring Logan on for Naylor) completely failed to address
the fact that a different approach was needed. The far more imaginative
(if desperate) measure of bringing on Titus Bramble up front for the last
few minutes was more like it. I felt sorry for Logan, having to come on
in the middle of such an awful team display must have been disheartening.
I can only assume that Jamie Clapham (who didn’t take part in the warm
up) and Flapping Richard Wright (who otherwise must have left his glasses
on the bench) were unwell. They seemed to be operating on a time delay
compared to the rest of the players. It was horrible to watch.

Some ratings:
Wright 5
Clapham 5 Venus 6 Mowbray 8 Thetis 6 Wilnis 7
Petta 7 Holland 7 Dyer 7
Naylor 6 (Logan 6) Johnson 6

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