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Ipswich Town 1 Crystal Palace 0

Nervous, unconfident and disorganised, but we got through. That was by far
the best thing about last night though. Ten shots, three on target, against
a very ordinary team like Palace? Well, nobody expected a goal-fest with
Johnson/Scowcroft up front (never has worked, never will) but we might have
expected a bit more at least. Now, however, it’s time to play You Are The
Your promotion hunting side is one-nil up and performing unimpressively
against a lowly team with a quarter of the match to go. You decide to push
the wing-backs forward. Do you: (a) push the wing backs forward, perhaps
bringing on a fresh pair of legs in the form of Stockwell or Croft who
happen to be on the bench? Or (b), do you move your inspirational
ball-winning midfield general of a captain to right-back, just because it
might be a laugh as he’s never played there before, and bring on a
right-sided midfielder to get in the way of the right wing-back pushing
forward, leaving a huge gap where the captain had been? Well, actually,
you’re wrong. The answer from someone who gets paid a lot and knows more
than you is (b). We live and learn.
Some ratings:
Wright 8: A couple of tremendous stops.
Wilnis 6 Thetis 6 Mowbray 7 Brown 8 Clapham 5: Comedy Manu’s showpiece
tricks (“oops, lost it again unnecessarily”) aren’t really funny at this
stage of the season, but he later kept his head admirably against some
Academy-Award-worthy attempts to get him booked by some cheating Palace
players. Several times this season I’ve thought Wayne Brown has been playing
at the limit of his ability, and although good, is stretched. But I was
wrong, he’s got more in him as he showed last night. Commanding performance,
and a couple of loose balls forward were more than compensated for by the
60m+ pass for the goal. Jamie C had an awful time.
Magilton 7 Holland 7: Both did well to hold the midfield on their own as
usual, but we weren’t making the most of the extra man this gives us, so
their efforts were wasted.
Reuser 7 Scowcroft 6 Johnson 6: An extra point for Johnno for the goal of
course, but otherwise he was dreadful. So he ran around a lot and stretched
the defence a bit? So what? One shot on target from our main striker is
simply not good enough. His control was poor and he missed two sitters. And
has anyone else noticed Scowie’s developed the Ian Marshall Twenty Yard
Turning Circle? It’s like watching a supertanker manoeuvre. Like Johnno,
simply making your presence felt is not enough. Far too slow.

Burley 5: Pillock
Ref 4: Twat (although he called the “penalty” right if you watch the video)

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