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Ipswich Town 0 Blackburn 0

I know there’s a very good argument for “results are everything, performance
is nothing” at this stage, but I’d almost have sacrificed the two points to
see last night’s tremendous first half display, rather than discussing
another crap performance even if we’d won.
Again though, the problem was a lack of Plan B. Blackburn’s woefully
ineffective left side in the first half gave Wilnis acres of space (despite
Wilnis playing almost as a winger, Thetis behind him hardly had anything to
do). Like us, everyone else in the ground must have come to the conclusion
at half-time that Blackburn would reorganise to prevent that in the second
half, so did we change at all? You bet we didn’t. Instead, after one of the
best 45 minutes we’ve played all season, we let Blackburn right back into
the match.

Let’s face it, we were very unlucky not to go in 2 or 3 goals to the good,
and it would have been a fair reflection. But it’s simply immature not to
realise Blackburn wouldn’t let us do that in the second half. As usual,
Burley stuck rigidly to The Plan right to the end, only bringing on
like-for-like substitutes (and even then, very late on). The players have
let Burley down in the past, but last night he let them down.

Still, sooooo much more encouraging. No other word for it – unlucky.

Some ratings:

Wright 7 – confident again, although hardly tested

Wilnis 8 Thetis 7 Mowbray 6 Brown 7 Clapham 7 – What a revelation Wilnis was
after so many indifferent performances. Given the space, he not only used
it, but used it intelligently. And under much more pressure in the second
half, he was composed and still occasionally effective. Thetis surprised me
even more. Has he been convalescing in a nunnery or something? (Copyright JS
2000). Clattered by Blake at the start, he got up and shook hands. The old
Comedy Clearances are still there, but he got away with them. Mogga looked
to be struggling a little again, and Brown’s still playing right at the
limit of his ability, but if only they’d all stretch themselves like that.
Jamie’s wasted corner in the 93rd minute was unforgivable. We have a real
problem with corners still.

Magilton 7 Holland 7 Wright 6 – Jim’s 7 is an average of 9 for the first
half and 5 for the second. I simply couldn’t work out what Blackburn did to
have that effect on him after half-time – could anyone else? But for the
first 45 minutes he played like a God. Matty seems a little quiet at the
moment, and whilst Jermaine Wright was trying, he never really had the sort
of effect he had for a while against Crewe.

Stewart 6 Johnson 7 – Johnno’s slow renaissance continues, now he’s adding a
few decent shots to the ability to turn players which he’s rediscovering.
Couldn’t apply the killer touch though, but Stewart was more off the pace:
he’s a long way from finding his true role in the team – at the moment he’s
playing too much like Johnno and on several occasions they went for the same
ball, which is something that really needs to be sorted out.

Opposition 6
Ref 8
Support 8 – that’s more like it!

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