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Ipswich Town 2 Huddersfield 1

Aha! A bit of commitment right through 90 minutes! That’s more like it!
Not a classic display, perhaps a little ragged at times, but definitely a
fine performance overall, and Huddersfield were probably the best side we’ve
had at Portman Road all season (and let’s hope it stays that way!). Jim and
Matt were magnificent in midfield, holding their own against four decent
Huddersfield players, although I really think GB should have given them some
reinforcements (Wright or Stockwell for one of the strikers perhaps?) with
20 minutes to go. Still, plenty of good things to talk about…

Wright 8 – looked confident, and several times called forcefully, which he
doesn’t always do

Wilnis 6 McGreal 7 Mowbray 6 Brown 7 Clapham 8 – Fantastic to see Jamie
back, setting up both goals with the cross to Matt and the slotted through
ball to Stewart. Good, aggressive play and he kept it up right until his
(odd) substitution. Brown too looked good, he’s being stretched to keep up
with what’s being asked of him, but he’s making it. Some great tackles, and
the distribution wasn’t too bad. Mogga looked a bit ponderous, and foolishly
tried to play some passes forward (Oi! Tony! NO!!!) which ended in the
predictable tears. Wilnis was haring around but looked panicky and wasted
too many possibly good opportunities for my liking

Magilton 8 Holland 9 Scowcroft 8 – Jamie looked a bit off-form for 15
minutes, but after that really started to shine, more noticeably on the deck
(using his strength) than usual, although perhaps we’re taking his superb
success rate in the air for granted. Although neither Matt nor Jim really
stood out individually, when you think about what they achieved in midfield,
hopelessly outnumbered, you begin to realise just how awesome they were. And
Matt deserved a goal for the magnificent header which hit the bar before
Scowie put the rebound away.

Johnson 6 Stewart 7 – well, the script was written that Marcus would score
the winner, wasn’t it? Watching it again on the TV just now, although it was
superb control to stop Jamie’s through ball, turn and shoot left footed into
the net from exactly 18 yards, he was lucky the keeper was so slow to get
down to it. I doubt Richard would have let that one by. But who cares?
Marcus really got around the pitch, yet still managed to pop up where
needed, and I think he could be a great striker for us. Meanwhile, after the
flak anyone who dares criticise Johnno is getting at the moment, I’m really,
really trying to see the good points in his play, but here’s a man whose
head is down and who’s confidence is shot. Just how long are we going to put
up with this? If it hadn’t been for a completely out-of-character sprints
and getting stuck in towards the end, 5 out of 10 would have been more like
it. Did *anybody* think he was going to score the penalty? There was
scarcely a groan around our way, everybody seemed to know it wouldn’t go in
(and it was dreadful, not even unlucky).

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