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Ipswich Town 3 Swindon 0

In contrast to one or two recent matches, the score was probably better than
the performance, although we were well worth a three-nil – Swindon were
fairly clueless. However, none of the strikers had a particularly good day,
(Psycho’s inevitable non-stop effort probably made him the pick of the
bunch) so there wasn’t much to get us excited. The most encouraging aspect
of all was seeing Matt AND Jim having good games – so often in 1999 one had
a commanding game seemingly at the other’s expense, but if they can both do
the business together like this, I’m going to be a very happy bunny. The
basic problem was that although Swindon played reasonably forward, inviting
us to get round the back or go through them (see ITFC v Barnsley, etc), we
just wouldn’t take up the offer. Burley was out of his pram for most of the
second half, trying to get it sorted.
Some ratings:
Wright 7 – McGreal’s backpasses were the most challenging thing Richard had
to deal with
Stockwell 7 (Croft 7) McGreal 6 Mowbray 7 Venus 6 Clapham 6 – the defence
seemed surprisingly hesitant, given the lack of pressure they were under.
Those long balls from Venus still aren’t achieving much (as ever), and
there’s little combination between Veno and Jamie C. A bit disappointing.
Wonderful for Micky to score on his 601st game though. And methinks Crofty’s
going to become something of a crowd favourite…
Holland 8 (Wright) Magilton 8 – great tackling from Matt, and Jim just
always seemed to be in the right place to pick up anything going. How can
two guys dominate an opposing midfield with 3, 4 or 5 players?
Scowcroft 7 Naylor 7 Johnson 5 (Axeldal 6) – GB really has a problem with
Johnno at the moment. There doesn’t seem to be the sharpness there, but
worse, there doesn’t seem to be the will to do something. An absolute
liability, and it really got Scowie down. Bam-Bam just did his own thing of

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