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Ipswich Town 1 Sheff Utd 1

Another one of those games where it didn’t really come together for us, too
many below-par performances, and there wasn’t a Plan B (George never seems
to have one). Although we had most of the play, and Sheffield were yet
another in the long succession of visitors to FPR with no real imagination,
in the end neither team deserved a win. Plus points were Matt’s 110%,
Scowie’s continued form as a defenders’ nightmare, and someone finally
putting a penalty away for us. When Johnno stepped up to take the penalty,
the collective gasp of “oh NO” around the ground was so funny, although he
*must* have heard it, which can’t have helped. Still, it was on target which
is more than most have been in the last 18 months.

All in all, most definitely not one of our best, but the unbeaten run

Wright 7: fairly quiet for Richard, a couple of confident stops when
necessary but beaten hopelessly by the goal, which he just didn’t see coming

Croft 7 McGreal 7 Mowbray 6 Venus 6 Clapham 6: both wing-backs got forward
well, but neither would make the last final push to the by-line, always
crossing from way too deep and not really giving the forwards a chance.
McGreal’s long diagonal balls forward into the area (I think GB thinks this
is some sort of new secret weapon) were occasionally poor, but just as many
were pretty good. Veno was quiet; perhaps he’s been told to put the lid on
the aimless hoofs forward (thank goodness). Jamie’s forward play was well
below standard.

Holland 8 Wright 6: Matt was everywhere in the midfield, but without
Magilton’s help he had almost no opportunities to get forward – far too much
to do in the middle of the park. Unfortunately in the second half the
midfield was bypassed by Sheffield, so Matt had far less ball-winning to do.
Jermaine looked quite sharp at first, but seemed to lose confidence and even
played a lobbed ball 50 yards forward to their keeper which George Williams
would have been proud to have called his own.

Scowcroft 8 Johnson 6 Naylor 5: Sadly, Johnno was pants again, but just
towards the end – for the first time in months – he found the confidence to
take the ball with his back to goal and turn the defender, something which
has always been one of the strongest parts of his game. And he was
definitely making an effort in the first half, even if the results weren’t
there, which is something at least. So maybe, just maybe, there’s light at
the end of the tunnel. Richard too worked hard to start with, but got
gradually more hopeless as the game wore on. Scowie really threw himself
around, working so hard, but not getting the quality service which he ought
to expect. He carried the attack on his own, but really tired towards the

Burley’s alternative to the system which clearly wasn’t working at half
time, was to wait until ten minutes from the end, swap Psycho for Axeldahl
(pointless), and juggle round the defence to move Clapham into wide left
midfield (on a day when Jamie’s forward play was rubbish). Yeah, great plan
George. The North Stand had made it quite clear they wanted Stockwell much
earlier, he waited far too long and then did it half-heartedly, taking away
the full-back from behind him which Micky needs to work well.

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