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Wolves 2 Ipswich Town 1

OK, on Tuesday night it was acceptable not to get three points so long as we
played well and proved Portsmouth was just a blip. But playing this well
yesterday without getting three points was Not Good. We went with some
Wolves regulars, who said beforehand in the pub opposite that they expected
Ipswich to do the normal Ipswich thing, string loads of wonderful passes
together, then not know what to do once they got 20 yards from goal. They
were of course right.
Town were dominant throughout, bossed the game in every part of the field,
and Wolves had the ball seriously in our area we reckoned just six times.
Yet twice they managed to score through our defenders being slow on the
ground and Richard seeming to be playing in slow motion. TWICE. At the other
end, half of our chances came from long range Magilton efforts, and of
course every time Jim gets the ball that far out, supporters behind the goal
(especially in Row Z) know they need to duck. We must have had 70% of the
possession, but where was the killer touch? We groaned when we saw the
line-up; just HOW CAN BURLEY KEEP FORGETTING that Johnson-Scowcroft DOES NOT
WORK. Why can the man NOT LEARN?
It looked a clear penalty at the end (gotta see it on the telly still) and
Burley went crackers in the press about  not getting it, but it would have
been a brave ref to have given a 90th minute penalty to the away side when
he’d been giving us the benefit of the doubt against some fairly clumsy
Wolves defending all afternoon, so we shouldn’t have been surprised he
bottled it.

Some ratings:

Wright 6 – almost nothing to do all afternoon except pick the ball out of
the net. One good save.

Wilnis 7 McGreal 7 Mowbray 5 Brown 6 Clapham 7 – Jamie had so much space for
45 minutes it was embarrassing, yet never seemed to achieve much with it.
Tony looked very shaky at times, and Brown’s positioning was at fault for at
least one of the goals. McGreal was much more solid that  the other two. Our
Wolves-supporting friends said afterwards that the “leggy dark skinned
full-back” was the real revelation in the side, adding that “he’s got
tremendous skill and control, and looks as quick thinking as he can
obviously run. What a great player.” They were serious. Perhaps we don’t
give Fab the credit he deserves?

Holland 8 Magilton 8 Wright 6 – Usual terrific commitment from Matt, and
always providing the (rare) extra option when coming forward. Jim ran most
of the game, and whilst his passing was less positive than usual, he can
only pass to wherever his team-mates are, it’s not his fault they’re not
ambitious enough. Jermaine was a waste of time, Bam-Bam should have been on
from the start. The 5-2-1-2 has hardly ever let us down, so why abandon it?

Johnson 7 Scowcroft 7 – Yes, Scowie was strong, but he wasn’t as effective
as he has been recently. Johnno seemed to be putting in the effort too but
did a bit too much of a headless chicken impression for my liking.

Away support: 8 – we’ve been louder, but the gateman told me we were only
200 short of filling the 3,200 capacity lower tier, and only Man City and
Forest have managed that so far this year, so fantastic effort.

Burgers 2 – bloody awful.

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