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Ipswich Town 2 Leicester City 0

It’s a long time since I’ve taken such satisfaction from a goal, but the first one this afternoon was glorious. Not because it was good (it was a bit lucky). Not even because it resulted from one of those irritating defender-shielding-the-ball-into-touch things going horribly wrong. Not even because it’s always wonderful to see a pained expression of any sort on that git Robbie Savage’s face. But mainly because The Second Most Boring Team In Britain (after Tranmere) had blatantly come for a boring-as-you-like nil nil, and they’d failed miserably. Ha bloody ha.
It was Charlton all over again, but whereas we might have been forgiven for being surprised by their out-of-character stifling tactics, with Leicester we all knew it was coming, and I think Burley might have attempted something a bit more direct than the normal elaborate passing to the wings, where we were seldom going to get any more than the briefest chance to swing in a cross, which Elliott was going to lap up for as long as you like. But even after a frustrating first half which yielded little and had “make a change” written all over it, Burley stuck with it on the basis that eventually something would give, surely? I’d have made a change, especially as a couple of players were having poor games. Fortunately Burley kept things the same. Thank God he doesn’t listen to the backseat drivers sitting behind him…
Some ratings:
Wright 8 – Never has someone who had to do so little done so little so well, if you get what I mean. Looked very confident.
Wilnis 7 – Did well on his own. With Scowie as the right midfielder, whenever Fab gets forward he gets no help whatsoever because Scowie (rightly) peels off to become the target man. It’s the one drawback of the current formation, because I felt that Fab + 1 (Jermaininho?) could have taken them to pieces down that flank.
McGreal 6 – Very solid in defence, but some dreadful up-and-under distribution (“George Williams is back!” said the voice behind me) let things down.
Bramble 7 – Moved over to the left side of the two centre backs, so in an unaccustomed position it was doubly good to see him looking pretty solid.
Hreidarsson 5 – Awful game in defence – HH seemed to have lost his control, his confidence, everything. Fortunately pulled things together fifteen minutes from time and surged forward to great effect. Baffling as to why he can be so good on Tuesday and so disappointing today.
Holland 8 – MotM for me, back to the non-stop dynamo Matty we love. Here, there and everywhere.
Magilton 6 – Made some space well, and was always there as the getout option, but did rather slow things down and didn’t quite click with the few runs being made ahead of him.
Scowcroft 6 – Didn’t get as involved as he might, which was strange, but made the crucial headers where it counted. One glaring miss, but kept ’em occupied. Glorious header for the goal.
Armstrong 5 – It’s not quite happening really, I know Stewart at the moment would make any strike partner look ordinary in comparison, but that’s the best word for Armstrong’s performance today. I know he’s trying hard, but he’s a sort of Naylor-lite.
Stewart 7 – quiet first half, although always looked the most perceptive and aware player on the park – came more to life in the second and of course was there when it counted. Class.
Ref 5 – irritating and petty. Crowd 7 – not bad given the way the visitors tried to make it the most boring afternoon possible for everyone (imagine having to watch that lot every week! Doesn’t bear thinking about). Savage – just a git for being Robbie Savage.

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